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The benefits of dog parks include socialising, stimulation and exercise but not all dogs respond well to what may seem like packs of dogs running towards them with what appears to be aggressive behaviour…especially small or anxious dogs! For these dogs this can be a n experience that may last for the rest of their lives. Also, when there are lots of unrestrained running or playing in a group their energy levels can be so elevated that they become energy super-charged at which point rapid escalation can turn very nasty very quickly. Couple this with owners that are not well-trained themselves and what tends to happen (and is happening more and more frequently) are poor experiences for both dogs and owners.

Understandably, people who are very sensitive about their own dogs so confrontations and aggressive exchanges between dogs often lead to tense exchanges between the owners. No one wins in these situations.

Also there has been a rise in the number of “Dog Walking” Companies recently but are you sure your dog is having a good time or getting the exercise you’re paying for?

One should do some homework before blindly accepting their sales-pitch. Council regulations require that a dog-minder has only 4 dogs under their control. I have personally witnessed a Dog Walking company where they have had 6 or 7 dogs in their van, but only letting 4 out at a time, leaving the rest to pace around or wait anxiously to be let out for up to half an hour! How cruel for the poor dogs!

This also means of course that not only are they not getting the time their owners have paid for but they also become anxious and unhappy locked up in the back of a van whilst the other dogs are out playing and running around. This really affects them badly. This is NOT the service you are paying for. For the company? Well it’s probably good for them that dogs can’t speak! Check out the panting and quite obviously unhappy dogs in this image (above) I took at a dog park.