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Do you believe your dog is un-trainable or unresponsive to the usual training programs or obedience classes? Is your dog or puppy constantly causing turmoil in your home?

Having a dog that just won’t calm down or do as you ask is incredibly frustrating – and it can be very expensive. How many shoes or pieces of furniture have you had to replace? Excessive barking, chewing, jumping or general unwanted behaviour needs to be addressed. Not only is it bad for the harmony but all these behaviours are pointing to a dog that is confused, stressed and potentially neurotic. You need to change the behaviour and change it for good.

Then you need to consider my training program.

You see a dog doesn’t think like a human and whilst they may respond positively to ‘treats’ it will only be very temporary solution and is not training per se…it is bribery and bribery only works for a period of time before it loses its shine…. And the cause of the behaviour has not been addressed!

If the correct training is adopted you will have a calm, friendly and well-adjusted dog that will not bark or get over-excited and will be a lifetime companion that both you and everyone else will love and feel safe around. You need to implement a solid and consistent training program that teaches both you and your dog how to relate. It will be the best training program for you and your dog and the results will be both surprising and exciting and long-lasting!